We launched our Bosque Rewinder

Starting today, February 14, 2020, for every cloth bag sold we will plant one tree, in collaboration with different international reforestation projects.

This February, the eco-sustainable brand Rewinder is launching an initiative to minimise climate change. With each purchase of its eco-bags, it is committing itself to reforesting different threatened areas of the planet. The Canarian firm, in collaboration with different NGOs, will carry out this project through its website and social networks, as well as in its more than 40 physical points of sale on the islands and on the mainland.

El Bosque de Rewinder, as defined by its promoters, will have around 35 species of plants and trees – from baobabs to cocoa and some endangered specimens such as Swietenia macriphylla – belonging to eight international projects working in regions with devastated ecosystems in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Their leaders assure that they have studied in depth and carefully selected the organizations with which they will collaborate, from which they have obtained “all the necessary certificates with which to calculate the total of CO2 compensated over time”.

One bag, one tree. Rewinder Bags joins the green movement undertaken by other companies in the textile industry to promote environmental and social change, while preventing uncontrolled deforestation, the main cause of the extinction of species: “It is necessary to create sustainable forestry and agro-forestry projects that meet quality standards and best practices to ensure that more trees are planted than are cut down,” they explain.

With this gesture, the brand not only contributes to a change in mentality, creating a connection with customers, but also wants to prevent desertification by giving oxygen to reforested areas, while benefiting local populations by providing them with natural resources, food and work.Rewinder will share with its customers, associated companies and its network of collaborating stores the achievements of the different reforestation projects in which it is involved, actions that it will also publish on its website https://rewinder.eco/ and social networks.

Rewinder Bags is a Canarian company dedicated to the design, silk-screen printing, manufacture and distribution of all kinds of bags and natural, reusable and biodegradable items. It was born as part of a cotton clothing project for families that, after being recognized in the Philip Morris International Regional Awards for Business Innovation and the MBA Business School in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, became a sustainable production brand that promotes the care of our social and natural environment.