We explain the CWA 17553: 2020 regulation of the CEN European Committee for Standardization

After the WHO declaration of COVID-19 as an epidemic, and in the absence of European regulations that regulate the manufacture, design and approval of hygienic masks, each Member State of the European Union established national standards to validate the technical requirements for this type of products.

Spain, through AENOR, drew up the UNE 0065 Specification, a pioneer in establishing the minimum safety requirements to manufacture reusable hygienic masks.

To establish a single criterion for the manufacture of hygienic masks at European level, the CWA 17553: 2020 Standard was born, designed by the European Committee for Standardization and published on June 17, 2020. This regulation allows establishing a guide of minimum requirements for design, production and evaluation of the filtering capacity, breathability and resistance to washing of reusable hygienic masks.

Download the Workshop Agreement CWA 17533: 2020 that contains the guidelines on the characteristics of the masks, if you need to know the guidelines in detail. The source of this post is https://www.intertek.es

A reusable hygienic mask is aimed at healthy people.

A sick person must wear a surgical mask.

Health personnel and other groups, in direct contact with the virus, will use the so-called EPI, normally FFP2.

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