To the beach in a sustainable way

Are you going to the beach? Remember that you can be sustainable also when you go to take a bath or spend the day with the ones you love the most. Having fun does not mean neglecting the environment. Take aim and don’t forget anything.

Keep the beach clean. Do not leave any waste that can reach the sea. Lack of containers or that they are full is not an excuse. If so, take the trash to a place where you can dispose of it properly. And a lot of eye with the plastics, which end up on the seabed for centuries destroying everything around them.

  • Use reusable. A fantastic way to reduce waste and, above all, single-use items, is to bring reusable items such as bags, cloths, containers, cutlery, bottles …
  • Don’t go where you can’t. The signs are for a reason, so do not access sites marked as prohibited because those places will be protected for some reason.
  • Use sustainable fabrics. The sustainable swimwear options made here exist and are at your fingertips, just search a little. Bet on natural materials and put all the elements you need in a Rewinder tote.
  • Respectful creams. Sunscreens also pollute, since they are made with chemicals. Therefore, choose an ecological, environmentally friendly sun cream without plastic packaging.

Enjoying the beach and taking care of the surroundings is that simple.