The sustainable revolution is here

There is no turning back now. The sustainable revolution is here and the organizations that are not able to adapt to the new reality: they will be left behind. The trend is unstoppable. We will all have to get used to this new way of living. There is no other option but to take care of the planet and ourselves.

There are realities that cannot be changed. The planet’s resources are limited and we cannot continue to exploit them as before. In fact, did you know that we have already exceeded the resource regeneration capacity of this year 2020? According to WWF, in the middle of the year, the so-called Overshoot Day or Earth’s Overcapacity Day occurs.

Thanks to a meticulous calculation, since 1997 we have been able to know that we need 1.6 planets to live. The one we have is not enough. As of August 22, each resource consumed is a loan that mortgages the future of generations.

Changing our habits and lifestyle is the only solution to mitigate the problem. The world has stopped and we have a new beginning, a beginning that will determine the future of organizations.

It will be the sustainable businesses that will outperform their competitors and achieve an advantageous position in society. It will not be enough to just look at environmental issues. Together with them, the sustainable revolution supposes the creation of a more just and equal society. In which the impacts that excessive consumption has on the health of living beings, equality and safety are addressed.

In the past three years, 127 countries have banned single-use plastics. Likewise, there is talk of taxes on sugar and prices on the carbon market. Measures that cannot be foreign to brands or organizations, which must be adapted and be more respectful with the environment. Those companies that have so far caused a large carbon footprint have to reverse and repair the damage caused.

Likewise, they will have to commit not only to its conservation, but to the general well-being of all those involved: employees, customers, suppliers and the communities in which they are located. Social and environmental responsibility must be integrated into the objectives of the companies.

Faced with this reality, we only have two options: join the revolution or stay behind. At Rewinder, it is clear to us and we have already joined the revolution together with hundreds of thousands of ‘rewinders’.