The International Plastic-Free Bags Day: cloth bags, the best option

The International Plastic Free Bags Day, celebrated today, July 3rd, is one of those initiatives that shows that fabric bags are the best option. It is easy to see why.

The ecological footprint that plastic bags leave on our environment is unbearable. That is why more and more regulations are limiting their use. In fact, on July 1st, 2018, the delivery of light and very light plastic balls to consumers is prohibited.

Why should we stop using plastic Bags?

Let’s analyze some figures:

  • Each Spaniard consumes an average of 238 plastic bags a year.
  • One minute in our hands and 500 years to disappear.
  • Only 10% of the bags are recycled.
  • 12 million tons of garbage reach the seas and oceans every year
  • One in six fish sold in fish shops have microplastics in their stomachs
  • World production of plastics will reach 500 million tons this year.

Cloth and fabrik bags are the perfect alternative to plastic bags for several reasons:

1. They last longer and you can use and reuse them hundreds of times.

2. They are more sustainable, easily washable and can be easily disinfected.

3. They are easy to store and save a lot of space.

4. Producing them consumes fewer resources and also pollutes less.

And if they are 100% organic cotton, like ours, better than better because, in addition, the cultivation is sustainable.