Teenagers and concern for the environment

Spanish adolescents are very concerned about the environment. 74% of them are concerned about climate change and 50% defense of marine ecosystems and endangered species extinction, according to a query made by SOS Children’s Villages to 2,087 Secondary students.

This survey is part of the Values ​​Education Program ‘Stand Up to think ’, in which 150,000 students have worked on the commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

To avoid the current situation, young people are willing to produce less waste, reduce your overall consumption and buy products from proximity and ecological, or hire clean energy (40.6%) and not using the car.

Many of them already put it into practice and most recycle at home, although in a lower percentage than countries like Belgium.

SOS Children’s Villages has been bringing values ​​to students for 16 years Secondary through the program ‘Stop to think’, in which. More than 150,000 students participate each course. With him, according says the entity, they seek to promote reflection and dialogue on essential human values ​​among students, teachers and families, with the ultimate goal of forging better people
and more responsible citizens.

With this edition, SOS Children’s Villages affirms that it wants offer an overview of the 17 development goals Sustainable Development (SDG) and invites all students to mobilize for a a more just and humane world, in which no one is left behind.