Rewinder joins SOS Children’s Villages to advance care for vulnerable children

The Canarian brand will donate part of its profits to the entity and provide them with the reusable masks they need.

The Canarian brand Rewinder joins forces with Aldeas Infantiles SOS to continue advancing in the care of the most vulnerable children and to face the challenges that Covid-19 has posed to this NGO. The health crisis has been joined by an economic crisis that will lead to greater vulnerability for many families who will need the help of organizations such as SOS Children’s Villages. As a result of this agreement, Rewinder will donate part of its profits to the entity and will provide them with the reusable Rewinder40 masks they need to guarantee the safety of all the people who participate in their programs in a sustainable and ecological way. In total, SOS Children’s Villages will receive a total of 6,000 Rewinder masks, saving 240,000 disposable masks.

The work of SOS Children’s Villages focuses on the development of children to become self-sufficient and integrated into society. To this end, it works to protect children who cannot live with their parents, offering them a home in which they can grow up feeling loved and respected; it strengthens families at risk so that they can adequately care for their children and thus avoid their possible separation; and it accompanies young people until they are fully integrated into society and work. Currently, the organization is present in 136 countries. In Spain, it works in ten autonomous communities, including the Canary Islands, where it serves 1,656 children and young people. In total, the organization attends to 6,072 children and young people in our country.

For Rewinder it is of great importance that its work transcends and can serve to build a better world. The alliance with SOS Children’s Villages means to continue advancing in the commitment with those who need it most, and our goal to build a future with greater opportunities for all.

Rewinder, on the other hand, is a brand whose main objective is the care of the environment and the improvement of the social environment, hence alliances of this type are part of its philosophy and DNA. Together with the social action programs, it has also achieved in what they have been manufacturing the Rewinder40 mask -reusable for up to 40 washings- to save almost 2,500,000 single-use masks, which means avoiding the waste that these could have generated and that usually ends up contaminating our seas.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, following its sustainable philosophy, Rewinder has worked in the search of new ways and alternatives to help in the fight against the spread of the virus, always combining personal safety with environmental care and the reactivation of the local economy and the quality of the seal made in Spain. In addition, it looks for ways to help in the care of those who are having the worst time.

Rewinder (formely Quiquere) works to promote a change of mentality both from the environmental and social point of view, so the alliance reached with SOS Children’s Villages will be long term, increasing the actions they can carry out together.