Rewinder guarantees safety against the Covid-19 in an environmentally friendly way

The Rewinder40 approved face masks, from the Canarian brand Rewinder, designed and manufactured in Spain, have become the best alternative to disposable face masks in protection against Covid-19 while taking care of the environment, since they are reusable until forty washes and residue free.

Rewinder 40 is made with Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton fabric, and has a water-repellent treatment capable of repelling liquids -both internally and externally, thanks to its double layer-, which guarantees total protection against Covid-19. In addition, it has the best breathability on the market, ideal for the upcoming summer season.

The Rewinder brand has as its main philosophy to provide the balance between the safety-utility of its products and the conservation of our planet, as demonstrated by the mask, which not only conforms to Spanish and European regulations for this type of hygiene product, but which is also free of harmful, toxic or polluting components.

The reception that Rewinder40 has had among the general public and among organizations of all kinds demonstrates the growing responsibility that exists among society for environmental conservation, in addition to the need to overcome this pandemic together and in the most respectful possible with the planet.

From Rewinder, we work so that our products reach an increasing number of people, something that is possible thanks to the reception that items such as the approved mask are having among our customers and partners, which has made it possible for us to continue expanding our channels to offer better care. For this reason, among other actions, we have opened a direct order management channel with wholesale companies, in order to streamline both requests and shipments.
The present in Rewinder and, thus, we protect our health while ensuring the future.