Organic Cotton: Features and Benefits

The basis of our products is organic cotton. That’s why we tell you what it is, what its characteristics and benefits are.

What is it?

Organic cotton comes from a sustainable crop that must meet a number of requirements that must be certified. In order to be considered organic, the crop must be free of of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilisers, herbicides or genetically modified seeds. Those who grow this product only use organic inputs.

In addition, this type of plantation follows a rotation system to preserve the soil and is collected by hand, since machine collection involves spraying the plantation with chemical herbicides. But there is more. For cotton to be considered organic, it has to be processed and made into a yarn that uses neither dyes nor chemical bleaches.

The difference is clear: conventional cotton cultivation uses more than 10% of the pesticides and more than 25% of the insecticides consumed in the world, products that are not eliminated either from the fabric or from the environment, which can not only cause problems for the skin of those who use it, but also contaminate the soil and water, and damage the environment.


Organic cotton is softer and you can feel it on your skin. It must be certified as such by bodies such as OEKO-TEX, lthe world’s leading eco-label for textile products that have been certified by internationally recognized institutes. It is an independent system that verifies that there are no harmful substances in textiles or in the manufacturing stages of a certain product.

To obtain this certificate the product passes several tests in which the materials, the applicant company, the quality assurance and the production processes are analysed.


  • You avoid exposing your skin to toxic substances and therefore the possibility of allergic reactions.
  • It is an ideal cotton for people with skin health problems, whatever the reason.
  • We contribute to the conservation of the environment and to the non-degradation of soil and water pollution.
  • We promote a fair economy, as plantation workers are guaranteed decent and healthy working conditions.