How to properly wash a reusable mask

How to properly wash a reusable mask is just as important as using it. Having proper hygiene is vital to prevent masks from being our enemy rather than a great ally.

Masks are the first protective barrier against coronavirus, but did you know that bacteria can grow if they are not washed properly? To get them to take care of you, you must also learn to take care of them!

In the fight against the spread of Covid-19, reusable masks have taken on a special role. They help us protect ourselves and the Planet. Compared to disposable masks, reusable ones are positioned as the most economically and environmentally sustainable option.

Since its mandatory use was decreed in all public spaces, bad practices are increasingly frequent. Among them, that of reusing disposable masks and not properly washing reusable ones.

To solve the latter, at Rewinder we have prepared this article where we explain how to properly wash a reusable mask.

How to wash your reusable mask: 3 simple steps

The first and most important thing is: is your mask reusable? Can it be washed? The only washable masks are the reusable hygienic ones that comply with UNE 0065. At Rewinder we have the Viroblock 30 and Rewinder 40, both of which have the certifications that guarantee their effectiveness.

Once we have verified that we can wash our mask, let’s go step by step!

If you cannot put a washing machine every day to wash your mask at 60º / 140 ° F with detergent, washing it by hand is possible! In addition, it is the most sustainable way with the Earth.

What do you need to wash it by hand?

  • A bucket
  • Hot water
  • Neutral soap
  1. First we place the mask in the bucket, pour the hot water and add the neutral liquid soap. Let’s avoid the use of bleach because it can damage the fibers that make up the filter or the fabric of our mask. Detergent and hot water are enough!
  2. Next, we leave the mask for a minutes and, after this time, we put it to dry in a ventilated place.
  3. Finally, to eliminate any residue and take care of our reusable mask, we recommend ironing it at 140º.

And ready! A very simple action that can save lives: yours and of those around you.

Do you still have any doubts? On our Instagram and YouTube channel, you can find a video in which we show you how to properly wash a reusable mask.


The consequences of the misuse of masks

Have you ever used your mask without washing it? Or washing it more than the times indicated by the manufacturer? Be careful, you can put your health in danger!

Staphylococci, streptococci, neisserias and bacilli are the bacterias that were detected by the chemical analyst Marisa García Alonso in an experiment. In order to raise awareness among the population, Alonso uploaded a video on her Instagram showing the findings.

As well pointed out by chemical analysts: “This is evidence of something that is happening, so that we take better care of our masks, or change them more often.” With this, its use should not be avoided, but rather: its misuse.

Along with bacteria, the proliferation of other pathogens that are harmful to our skin are consequences that we must reject. Only by using the masks correctly, we will enjoy their advantages and reduce the disadvantages.

A new normal brings new habits. At Rewinder, we are aware of this and that is why we want to help you achieve it.

Remember how to properly wash a reusable mask if you want to prevent yours from ending up full of bacteria! Join the Rewinder revolution, together it will be easier to achieve!