Five ‘eco-essential’ brands

Sustainable or ethical brands are gaining followers every day. More and more companies are offering ‘eco-friendly’ products, also in Spain. There are many reasons that support the ‘eco’ trend, among which are the care of the environment and the improvement of the responsible economy, among others. There are brands that already take care of the present and with which you can fill your day to day. Here are four examples.



You like fashion and you’re zero waste? Ecodicta is your place. Aware of the negative impact of the fashion industry on the planet, and with the value of sharing as the driving force, they try to connect people to share clothes.

The idea is to extend the life cycle of the clothing to give the environment a break. It works by means of a monthly subscription system without permanence through which a stylist will guide you.


Ecoalf manufactures fashion products made from recycled materials of the same quality, design and technical properties as the best non-recycled products. In this way, they avoid excessive consumption of resources. They also use mechanical recycling, which is the most sustainable, and offer a wide variety of garments made from the material they obtain.


Vegetarian, vegan and cruelty free. Lush offers you all kinds of handmade cosmetics in their kitchens located in various parts of the world. In addition, it offers you the possibility of recycling by returning the black plastic containers it uses -it does not use containers- to the shops.

The suppliers of the raw material with which it manufactures its products are local and it finances projects to protect the environment, animal rights and human rights.

Freshly Cosmetics

Freshly Cosmetics is natural cosmetics. In its catalogue you can find products that are suitable for vegans and sustainable, made from natural ingredients that respect the skin and the environment. Natural cosmetics takes care of, protects and respects the body and the environment, i.e. prioritizes the well-being of the whole planet.


Rewinder offers you the best alternative for removing single-use items. Now, in addition, it has an ecological and reusable mask with which it has managed to save more than 5,000,000 disposable masks in these two months. Moreover, it is close by, creates jobs and makes you feel good because they take care of you and yours, plant trees to reduce their carbon footprint and participate in social development projects.

Eco-bags, household and industrial items are part of their offer. Thus, they get you to reduce your pollution to the environment drastically, save, and help the socio-economic development, thanks to the number of jobs they generate and the circular economy they develop.