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When Rewinder started with the design and manufacture of reusable hygienic masks, they echoed our work and supported us so that people in general knew about our work and that there was an ecological mask that protected people and the environment.



Rewinder Light with HeiQ Viroblock

Now, with the launch of the new Rewinder Light model, a reusable hygienic mask that incorporates the HeiQ Viroblock treatment, they are once again writing about us and this novelty, with which we intend to offer an alternative to groups in need of lip reading, to the sector of communication, speech therapists and teaching, who need to show all their facial expression in order to do their job better, for actors and actresses, for people who wear glasses and for those who practice individual sports.

We highlight this new model that can be washed up to 30 times, that it is available in three different sizes and that it offers wonderful breathability.

Here is the link to the article that El Solidario dedicated to us, and for which we are very grateful, hoping that it is of interest to you.


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