Do you know the benefits of reforestation?

Planting trees is an important strategy to reduce environmental problems, especially considering that a young tree stores on average about 11.3 kg of atmospheric carbon per year. Here are some of the main benefits of reforestation, which in our next post you will understand why we started talking about all this. What a win!

Some of the most remarkable benefits of reforestation are:

  •     It protects the fertile soil from the destruction caused by the dragging of the rains.
  •     It generates natural recreational areas when they are close to cities, giving oxygenation to urban centers and putting the inhabitants of downtown areas in direct contact with nature.
  •     With reforestation, the advance of sand dunes is delayed and even stopped, as well as desertification.
  •     With the creation of green areas and reforestation, a protective wall is created against the wind, which is very important for the development of these areas.
  •     Reforestation optimizes the functions of the hydrographic basins by avoiding overflows.
  •     With reforestation, a forest mass is generated on land where there were previously no trees.
  •     Reforestation in certain areas, allows the exploitation of its wood for domestic fuel, as well as for industrial use of wood, protecting the old forests.