33% more effective than cotton masks compared to other materials

Numerous media have echoed this new study, including NIUS, which has just published with this headline:

Breath moisture increases the effectiveness of cotton fabric masks against covid-19

Today we share the article published this past March 10 by NIUS here

We anticipate part of its content, which we consider especially relevant, especially in order to promote the use of reusable fabric masks against the excessive use of single-use masks, which is invading the planet with leaps and bounds during the attempt to protect ourselves against the spread of the pandemic.

Some of these relevant data are:

  1. Cotton fabrics become better filters when exposed to humid conditions. Synthetic fabrics do not. In other words, polyester masks, for example, would not have this filtration capacity.
  2. Protection against the virus increases up to 33% if the mask is wet, according to the study.
  3. Surgical masks and KN95 demonstrated the same efficacy in high or low humidity conditions.

A study conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) states that cotton cloth masks, which are slightly dampened by breath, are more effective than those made of other materials in preventing the spread of the pandemic.

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Breath-moistened cotton cloth masks capture up to 33% more particles, making them a better option than synthetic masks for stopping the spread of COVID-19.

“Cotton fabrics work better in masks than we think” (Christopher Zangmeister, NIST researcher)

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At Rewinder, designers and manufacturers of reusable organic cotton hygienic masks, we are convinced that news like this should be an impetus for healthy citizens to opt for a reusable option and a natural material, such as cotton. Given the need for protection, the ideal is that it not only protects people but that we try to protect ourselves does not imply the danger and destruction of natural ecosystems and the uncontrolled dumping of plastic waste into the sea.