Rewinder, Start from scratch, that’s the opportunity

Environmental awareness and sustainability are ideas that are gaining momentum. Respect for the environment involves eliminating or avoiding all those harmful practices that damage nature. Rewinder, is a Spanish company created in 2018 that has become a trend today thanks to its desire to eliminate single-use materials. From Rewinder we are committed to reusable and biodegradable natural materials, highlighting the design made and manufactured in Spain.


Start from scratch, that’s the opportunity

With the pandemic, the world stopped, and when we thought that we were giving a break to our natural environment by stopping production in large factories, limiting air spaces and literally emptying the streets, zero noise, zero pollution, we were surprised by the proliferation in the use of non-biodegradable disposable materials for protection against coronavirus.

Not counting gloves, not counting hospital gowns, not counting food industry packaging, only counting disposable masks, more than 129,000 million units were consumed per month in 2020. According to Greenpeace, this in addition to causing an unsustainable situation “It has not only caused widespread environmental contamination, but also presents a significant risk to public health”, since this waste serves as a vector for the virus, which can remain latent and active for up to three days on the surface of this type of materials.

Companies like Rewinder present themselves as an alternative. Before the arrival of Covid-19, they already encouraged ordinary people to introduce more sustainable habits in their day to day through reuse, and with the arrival of Covid, they have worked tirelessly to offer masks of the best cotton, certified , ecological, biodegradable and for the whole family, reusable up to forty times, constantly emphasizing that according to health authorities, healthy people should use reusable masks, and that it is for the good of all and all that we not only think about now .

Unfortunately, since now a year has passed, the virus has not disappeared and therefore, it is vital to choose a mode of protection that protects all of us, including the future of our planet and the future of our species.

When the world stopped, we were all confined to home and the streets were silent, we were given the opportunity to start from scratch.


How can we do it?

Small acts repeated by thousands of people make them become a movement. This is the movement to which Rewinder invites us, the zero residual movement. Replace the paper napkins with cloth napkins, the plastic shopping bag for a reusable cloth bag, fill our reusable bottle daily, protect ourselves with a biodegradable reusable mask. Decisions that imply a change and with which a revolution is started.

Be curious about the origin and materials of what you buy / choose

If you don’t normally use legia to wash your clothes, have you ever imagined using legia to clean something that you cover your mouth with?

Do you know what polyester is made of? Do not be fooled, it comes from oil, with that we think it is clear.

Micro plastics, do you know what they mean? We invite you to investigate it.

Rewinder‘s main raw materials include cotton, organic cotton and natural cotton. During its cultivation a large amount of water is used, however, compared to other materials, cotton is a natural fiber that employs many peasant families, which has one of the most important properties for Rewinder, it is a biodegradable material, apart highly breathable, hypoallergenic, prevents the appearance of skin allergies, withstands the passage of time well and its recycling does not generate microplastics.

The CEO of Rewinder, Raquel Rodríguez, highlights that “Being sustainable, being responsible and being aware is in our hands, to decide, now it is urgent and requires action. Let’s not wait for a law to impose it on us. The present is ours and we can build it. Evolve, there is no other way, that is the great Revolution. Not only does there not exist a planet B, it is that Planet A is the one we want, and preserving it is our mission. ”



Even being a young company that has come up against a complicated scenario, they strive every day to present solutions that are friendly to the natural and social environment to which they belong. Every month they introduce new designs in their catalog that what they intend is to facilitate the transition from a modern frenetic life to a life whose basis is the harmony between our well-being and our natural and social environment.

With solutions to go shopping, facilitate the separation of waste at home, personal hygiene, organization in our home, the art of wrapping through furoshiki has become fashionable and, there is no doubt, that ecodesign and the circular economy they are an inseparable part of your genetics.